Australian Unity coverage meeting

Australian Unity coverage meeting – May 2016 (PDF version)

PSA/CPSU – representing you in Australian Unity

We recently wrote to inform you of the Fair Work decision that your union, the PSA/CPSU, will continue to represent non-careworker staff who transferred to Australian Unity from the Home Care Service of NSW now and continuing into the future. A copy of that bulletin can be found HERE.

Agreement reached on consultation between PSA/CPSU and Australian Unity

Following the Fair Work decision, the PSA immediately arranged a meeting with Australian Unity so we can continue to represent and advocate for our members.

The meeting was held on Thursday 6 May, where PSA involvement in a Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) was agreed on. This commenced with a teleconference on 9 May 2016, and will be followed by a regular JCC in the week starting 6 June. After this JCCs will be held monthly. Members are invited to contact PSA advocate Thane Pearce at if they have any issues to be raised at the JCC.

Matters for consultation

The JCC exists to discuss and seek agreement on work-related issues and changes that impact our members in Australian Unity. Some of the issues that Australian Unity want to consult on in the coming months include the movement away from ADHC systems, leases, etc. covered by the Transitional Service Agreement (TSA), to Australian Unity replacements. Some of the below points fall from this:

  • Transitioning staff to using the PROCURA system, including the introduction of mobile devices for field staff
  • Changing to a centralised rostering model
  • Payroll realignment to match Australian Unity systems
  • Updates to the role of Service Co-ordinator
  • The probable implications of the NDIS funding model on Australian Unity’s Home Care services.

A key part of consultation is communication and involvement with members to ensure we best represent your views. This means we will continue to provide information and seek feedback as JCCs continue via bulletins, your PSA/CPSU delegates and talking directly with members.

We will continue working with you to protect and advance your rights and conditions.

With the recent Fair Work decision, now is the perfect time to ask your colleagues to join the PSA/CPSU!