Another restructure for Macquarie University

Another restructure for Macquarie University – February 2016 (PDF version)

On 16 February PSA (CPSU) representatives attended a Q&A session for the release of the Staff Health and Safety Unit restructure.

View the change proposal HERE

Please note there will be no change to the existing method of reporting incidents.

Changes to this unit have the potential to affect on all staff, which is why it is important that you take the time to read the change proposal paper and provide feedback.

The deletion of the Health and Safety Coordinator (Chemical Safety) position is a particular concern for the PSA (CPSU) as there will be no new position with specialist expertise in chemical management which may pose a risk.

Of concern also is the way in which staff working in the health and safety unit will transition over to the new structure. The PSA believes there is no reason the current Health and Safety Coordinators (4.8 FTE) cannot be directly appointed to the new Health and Safety Advisor (4.8 FTE) positions. Instead the University has proposed a “closed EOI process” which the PSA (CPSU) believes adds unnecessary stress and anguish to the staff involved.

How will this affect you at work?

The PSA (CPSU) will be providing feedback to the restructure, but need to hear from you, the members.

Will this result in additional responsibilities for you if you work with chemical substances?

To ensure all members working at Macquarie University have the opportunity to review the change proposal and provide feedback, the union will request an extension to the one week consultation period. Feedback can be provided to the PSA by contacting your delegates (below).

The PSA supports stronger systems that ensure the health and wellbeing for its members at work and will ensure that the university meets its obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2010 and associated regulations which outline compliance around consultation and management of hazardous substances.

We note that every staff member has an obligation under the Act to contribute to a safe work and study environment, however, the university has a primary obligation to ensure that the appropriate systems, processes and policies are developed, implemented and maintained. This obligation cannot be devolved onto individual staff members.

The PSA (CPSU) calls for feedback on this change proposal by Wednesday 24 February.

We also encourage members to submit an individual or group response to the change proposal.

Your PSA (CPSU) delegates are:

Jennifer Martin        

Lachlan Morgan       

Tom Kerr                   

Sondra Wibberley    

Please print this bulletin and talk to your colleagues about joining the PSA.