NTEU members at UTS are taking industrial action and will strike on Wednesday 21 May 2014.

CPSU advises that CPSU members are not on strike and are to report for work on Wednesday 21 May 2014.

CPSU members are also advised that they should not undertake any of the duties or accept responsibilities for work that would normally be carried out by a staff member participating in industrial action.

As the CPSU always advises members, you should work as outlined under your position description and within your regular hours of work, and not allow the possibility of accumulated work in light of one-off events such as industrial action to motivate you to work beyond that.

If you are not taking strike action you are required to report for work.

  1. 1there may be a picket line set up at entrances to the University. A picket line is a legitimate part of industrial action to inform staff, students, passers-by and visitors of the existence of an industrial dispute. The CPSU and NTEU have an agreed industrial action protocol.
  2. the role of the picket line is to ensure members of the picketing union (i.e. the NTEU) do not cross the picket line,
  3. other staff are requested not to perform the work of striking members.
  4. we advise all CPSU members and staff that:
  • when you arrive at work you may be approached by a staff member about their industrial action. Feel free to talk to them and take any material they hand out.
  • all staff engaged in the industrial action must act in a peaceful and orderly manner and should not seek to threaten, intimidate or physically prevent individuals going to work.
  • all staff engaged in the industrial action must pay due regard to safety issues, especially in relation to traffic and traffic flow.

Drivers of motor vehicles must not attempt to speed or drive aggressively through a picket line and should under no circumstances, drive their vehicle in a way that threatens or causes harm or injury to any person.

The National Union of Students is also taking the opportunity to call a national day of action for students to protest the attacks on higher education on 21 May. CPSU members may join in the day of action during their breaks but should attend for work as normal.