Enterprise bargaining update

The new TAFE Enterprise Agreement has been endorsed by 94% of the Education Support staff who voted.

An application will now be made to the Fair Work Commission to approve the Agreement. Once the Agreement is approved the pay increase can be paid – backdated to 1 November 2013.


Yesterday the PSA successfully won our argument in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission that the NSW Government should pay the full 2.5% pay increase. This means that TAFE should now pass onto to you a 2.5% pay increases, backdated to 1 November 2013.

What are the main features of the new Agreement?

  • all current conditions maintained in a two year agreement
  • no part year employment
  • guarantees that TAFE will negotiate with the Union over the proposed classification review
  • maintains the status quo for payment of Library shifts for the life of the agreement
  • improves access to sick leave and domestic violence leave
  • protects Flexi time

The Christmas close down period and you

It has come to our attention that some TAFE managers are asking members to take annual leave to cover the close down period.

Can I be directed to take annual leave because of the Christmas close down?


It is very clear from your Enterprise Agreement that there is no capacity for TAFE to force you to take annual leave for this purpose.

In fact the only time that TAFE can direct you to take annual leave is if your accumulated annual leave balance exceeds 40 working days (50 for shift workers) and then you can be directed to take recreation leave to reduce the accrued leave below 40 (or 50) days.

What if my College or office is shut?

If your TAFE College or office is shut over the Christmas New year period and if you want to keep working then a reasonable alternative work arrangement must be made available for you at your convenience.

TAFE may ask you to work at another location but you cannot be expected to travel unreasonable distances.

If you are required to work at an alternative workplace you may be entitled to be reimbursed for the cost of travel to and from work.

Am I required to put up a justification or “business case” for not wanting to take my leave?


Can I be directed to take Extended Leave?

You cannot be directed to take extended leave under any circumstances.

What can the Union do for me if I have a problem?

If you are a member and you have a problem the CPSU/PSA will take the matter up for you. This may include lodging a dispute.

If you have any questions regarding this advice or want the CPSU/PSA to support you with any problems you have regarding your rights at work over the Christmas and New Year period please speak to a PSA Delegate.