EB Meeting 7 #2 – 6 August 2013

EB meeting 7 #2 – 6 August 2015 (PDF version)

Some promising steps have been made this morning.

Most notably the University presented us with a particularly good policy on Domestic Violence. It very much reflects our preferred clause that we would very much liked to have in the agreement and it is a big step in the right direction as long as we can get the policy referenced or at least acknowledged in the agreement.

There has been some ”softening “ on the hard stance taken by the University on the possible salary quantum that may be negotiated. That is more positive than it has been.

We are slowly working towards some form of centrally controlled professional development fund for Professional and General staff. It would be particularly be of use to staff seeking support for professional development opportunities that are not directly related to their current position and may lead to a career change of direction within the University. Naturally most managers have been unlikely to allocate funds to this type of professional development. Negotiations continue.

Still for discussion today is  discussion on the reduction of the “on call” allowance from 33% to 15%. The Unions have indicated they would consider 20% but with only some associated extra protection provisions into the clauses that cover Annualisation of allowances and Individual flexibility agreements. We have rejected the Universities request to make the payout of Annual leave possible and are yet to address a change to “Ordinary hours of work” that the Uni is requesting.

The University has also requested a new table of “salaries for students” for fairly sound reasons and the Unions are not totally against this. However we are requesting that the areas where they can be applied be quite clear and that the employment of students on the new cheaper rates would not displace current employees.

Back at the table representing you today is, Blake Stephens – CPSU Industrial Officer, delegates Wayne Marr and John Jones.

Thank you to all those who have had the opportunity to express their thoughts on a ballot regarding possible industrial action.

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