UTS Enterprise Bargaining Update No. 2

The CPSU Bargaining team met with UTS management on Thursday of last week.
Your Enterprise Bargaining negotiators at this meeting were Rosa Bow, Greg Hampshire and Mark Christopher, supported by Andrew Holland and Nathan Bradshaw.
Please find attached the latest member update, which includes information on what happened at the Bargaining table.

Our key claims

  • maintain all existing conditions of employment for professional staff, unless otherwise improved as a result of negotiations with the CPSU
  • the usual basis for the employment of professional staff should be on a continuing basis. Continuing positions which are substantively vacant should be filled permanently whenever possible
  • negotiate measures to retain the skills and knowledge of mature age workers including: four weeks paid grandparent leave, job sharing and mentoring strategies
  • a decision to outsource work will not be justified primarily on the basis that an outside provider has lower rates of pay than for UTS professional staff
  •  zero tolerance of all forms of discrimination, bullying and harassment with a process in the Agreement for dealing with allegations of discrimination, bullying and harassment