How to seek help?

How to seek help?

Members who are concerned for their immediate safety should contact 000 to seek help.

Members who are worried their internet use is being monitored can use our guide on this page to make browsing safe.

Members working in the NSW Pubic Service are entitled to domestic violence leave. FIVE days of this leave is in our Awards, and another FIVE days in in a Premier’s Memorandum from 2018. Members should be able to access a total of ten days’ leave per annum. Certain conditions have to be met- you can read more about these in the links above. If you have trouble accessing this entitlement, please call PSA’s Member Service Centre (MSC) on 1300 772 679 or email us on .

Members in other workplaces may have entitlements to domestic violence leave too, depending on the terms in your enterprise agreement or Award. If you’re uncertain what your entitlement is, you can find a list of agreements here on our website (insert link to awards and agreements page). You can also ask your delegate or organiser, or contact the PSA/CPSU NSW’s Member Service Centre (MSC) on 1300 772 679 or email us on .

There are a range of services available through the PSA to members, including help accessing your leave entitlements. Our staff and Women’s Council are working hard to find more ways to support our members who are experiencing domestic violence and we will keep you updated. We will add new services to our website and update members as more of services become available.

If you need help, you can contact the DV Helpline on 1800656463

This is a 24 hour service crevice and you can also find them on the web:

Domestic Violence NSW provide a list of resources on their website: Domestic Violence NSW

Other organisations that might be able to assist include are below:

Are you worried someone will find out you visited this website?

Call 000 if you are in danger

Confidential information, assistance and support service

PSA/CPSU NSW offers assistance to members experiencing domestic and family violence. You can reach us to discuss it confidentially