Course Descriptions

Delegate/Activist Development

Prerequisite: Introduction to the PSA/CPSU NSW

New to being active in the union? This is where your journey starts. We will spend the day looking at how the union works, union history, and we’ll also talk about power dynamics and values.

This is a prerequisite for anyone that wants to do the next levels of training, unless you have proven experience in the delegate role for 2+ years.

Level 1: Role of the Delegate / Young Workers Training

We’ll look at what the role of the delegate actually is, and we’ll break down organising in your workplace until you’re a pro. Great for new delegates and activists but also for experienced delegates wanting a refresher.

Young Workers Training crosses over a lot with Role of the Delegate, with the slight exception of a session on activating young people in the union. Open to members aged 35 and under.

Level 2: Dealing with Member Issues

You’ve learnt how to organise, and now members are coming to you with issues. This course will look at handling individual issues using the problem solving framework, and building on your advocacy skills.

Level 3: Coming soon!

Have you been a delegate for over 3 years? We’re working on something really exciting for you. Watch this space.



Work, Health and Safety

Work, Health and Safety 2 Day

The 2-day course looks at various rights, entitlements and obligations under the WHS Act 2011 that underpin a safe and healthy workplace, including: Finding your way around the WHS Act; WHS duties – who has a WHS duty and what is that duty; Consultation – the what, when and how of proper workplace consultation; Issue Resolution using WHS legislation – is my issue covered under WHS legislation?; Health & Safety Representatives (HSR) – what is a HSR and how do you get one?; Risk management and workplace inspections.

Mental Health, Care and Resilience

Stigma around talking mental health at work? Not sure how to help someone who is struggling? How can we change that and build a positive, inclusive workplace culture? We look at information, strategies and resources that can help support people with mental health issues and encourage them to seek professional help if concerned. We also look at some useful strategies to manage stress and build personal resilience.

**Content warning: Please be aware that we do discuss suicide and suicide prevention, and we ask that you be mindful of your own health when considering enrolling for this course.

Dealing with Workplace Bullying

Designed to assist members and delegates to understand what constitutes bullying and how to prevent and manage bullying and harassment at work. We look at relevant legislation and guidance materials that can assist.


New Skills and Knowledge

Achieving Workplace Flexibility

This course will look at the benefits of workplace flexibility and what flexible work practices exist in the NSW public sector. It will examine what you can do to access and implement these flexible work practices, by providing negotiation and organising strategies.

Dealing with Restructures

We’ll look at government guidelines that inform the restructures process, how the PSA responds to restructures at the consultation and implementation stages, the role members and delegates can play, and discussion around specific restructures.

Meeting and Negotiation Skills

It feels like most of your working life is spent in meetings, so why not learn how to master the art of the meeting? The first part of this course will help you run meetings smoothly and efficiently, both in a union context and more broadly.

The second part of the course looks at negotiating skills. Tip the balance of power by learning how to be an effective negotiator. This course is aimed at delegates and activists, but any member would benefit from the experience.

Public Speaking

Speaking in public is something that all union activists will have to do at some stage. This course is designed to assist PSA/CPSU NSW delegates and activists to be more confident public speakers.

Women in the Union

Learn about the important role women have and can play in building strong unions. Topics include history of women’s participation in the workforce and the union, dealing with workplace sexual harassment, power and assertiveness.

Content warning: this course contains discussion of sexual harassment and assault. It’s not graphic, but it can be triggering if you’ve experienced it. Enrol with caution if you think it may affect you.