Monday, 13 May 2024

CSPL Enterprise Bargaining Negotiations Update

The CPSU NSW met with Coal Services on the 8 May 2024 with regards to Enterprise Bargaining Negotiations.

At the start of the meeting Coal Services gave a presentation regarding conduct at meetings and good faith bargaining as well as proposed meeting dates moving forward.

Coal Services then proceeded to table their log of claims and reasons why the business wanted these changes. The Coal Services Log can be found HERE

The CPSU NSW advised that it has planned Member Meetings at each of Coal Services sites to discuss our Log of Claims (LOC) and will formulate and table at the next meeting on Thursday 30th of May. CPSU NSW also indicated that it would discuss the Coal Services Log of Claims with members and would respond to those claims accordingly.

Please now take the time to look at Coal Services LOC and discuss with members in your area prior to the CPSU NSW meeting at your site. Also discuss what issues you would like placed on the CPSU NSW (LOC).

Please also take the time to speak with Non-Members of the Union and advise them they should be joining so that we have the strength to push back as a collective on the claims we reject from Coal Services.

Join your Union HERE

As you can see from the Coal Services LOC, they are proposing to remove pay rises in line with CPI as well as offering future pay rises that decrease over the proposed three-year life of the agreement. It can be seen from the onset the Coal Services are proposing cuts to your pay and conditions and unless you are prepared to join CPSU NSW and push back are in for a decline in your workplace pay and conditions in the future.

The CPSU NSW will strongly oppose what Coal Services have tabled but we need members to be prepared to push back and fight to ensure the pay and conditions you are currently enjoying remain when negotiations conclude.

Feel free to print and place on your notice board for Members and Non-Members to see and understand the importance of Negotiations at hand.

Any issues or concerns please contact regional Organiser Ian Braithwaite at or 0400 859 630.