Friday, 3 February 2023

NSW State Election 2023

The NSW State Election in March this year looms as an important crossroads for our membership.

Most of you are employed directly or indirectly by the NSW Government and are consequently impacted at work by their policies.

The legislative wages cap, the increasing trend of insecure work, the threat of privatisation and the structure of the independent industrial relations umpire are political positions that all impact your job significantly, and whether you have a job at all.

So this election isn’t just a choice for our members as to who governs our state… it is a choice of who is your employer.

With this in mind in November 2022 the PSA wrote to all major political parties and candidates asking them five key questions on behalf of our membership. You can read this correspondence HERE.

The questions were:

  1. Their stance on privatisation;
  2. Their view on the abolition of the 2.5 per cent wages cap;
  3. Whether they would restore neutrality and independence to the Industrial Relations Commission;
  4. How would they address the alarming rate of temporary employment in education; and,
  5. Their position on repealing and replacing the GSE.

Over the coming weeks we will circulate the responses we have received for the information of our members. You will find the responses on our Facebook page, which, if you haven’t followed yet, you can find HERE.

As vital public sector workers in NSW, it is difficult to imagine a more important issue for you at the ballot box than the security of your job and your income.

When you vote next month, we urge you to consider the party or candidate that would best serve as your boss.