Tuesday, 8 November 2022

TAFE Admin Enterprise Agreement: Vote opens tomorrow

You might have seen recent communication from TAFE in relation to the TAFE Admin Enterprise Agreement.

The vote for the Enterprise Agreement (EA) officially commences at 12:01am tomorrow, which means you will have the opportunity to have your say in relation to TAFE’s offer. It is important you cast a vote before the voting period closes, which is 5:00pm next Tuesday 15 November 2022.

The offer that will go to vote tomorrow is as follows:

  • A 12-month EA, which will see the parties back at the bargaining table in six months’ time, at which point the Wages Policy will hopefully no longer exist and we can ask for more than the maximum wages allowed by the Wages Policy (that being 2.53 per cent + superannuation).
  • The maximum pay increase of 2.53 per cent + superannuation.
  • Wages to be back-paid to 18 September 2022.
  • The insertion of a flex agreement clause into the EA, so that it is enforceable and sits within the EA rather than outside of it.
  • All entitlements to be paid out to those who are exiting the organising or exited after 18 September due to redundancy will be paid out at the new rate (such as their current rate plus the 2.53 per cent increase), including VR payments.
  • 10 days’ paid domestic violence leave.

CPSU NSW delegates will be meeting on 14 and 15 December to further discuss how the revised flex agreement will be applied in practice, as we will table it next year when we recommence bargaining to iron out any creases.

If you have any questions regarding the EA, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the union by calling 1800 772 679.