Friday, 14 October 2022

CPSU NSW update: National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

The CPSU NSW and National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) have continued discussions on issues that have emerged since the transfer of Transport for NSW (TfNSW) employees to the NHVR Enterprise Agreement.

New Industrial Officer

The CPSU NSW NHVR team has a new Industrial Officer, Michael Cope. Michael encourages any member to reach out at any time about any workplace matter. He can be contacted at:

0419 927 076

Accrued Days Off

The NHVR and CPSU NSW met on 19 August to discuss potential solutions regarding Accrued Days Off (ADOs) and the use of leave to top up hours where accruals under the new NHVR system fall short.

At the meeting Ian Braithwaite, Regional Organiser CPSU NSW, explained how the system of accruals worked under TfNSW, with NHVR expressing concerns with their payroll system and problems with the transition over from TfNSW conditions. The NHVR’s main problem is with complying with the Award and its auditing requirements showing inconsistencies.

Until the problem is resolved nobody will be disadvantaged and rostered ADOs will still be honoured until a long-term solution is agreed upon.

The CPSU NSW and NHVR met again on 6 September 2022 to continue discussions. The NHVR has proposed a 14-hour maximum negative accrual balance as a potential solution to the ADO issue. The CPSU NSW and delegates highlighted further errors and difficulties with such an arrangement in the quarterly joint consultative meeting with NHVR on 14 September 2022.

The matter will continue to be a major subject of discussions with the NHVR until resolved in CPSU NSW members’ favour. Whilst the obvious and most logical option for the NHVR is to update their payroll system, they have so far refused to do this.

We encourage all members to get in contact with the CPSU NSW to document any pay discrepancies and patterns in the NHVR’s continued failures since the transition.

Ongoing payroll issues

The CPSU NSW and Delegates acknowledge ongoing NHVR issues with payroll and incorrect payments. We ask that any Safety and Compliance Officers (SCOs) please email SSCO and Payroll as well as the CPSU NSW to ensure there are adequate records across the board should any dispute with the NHVR eventuate.

Please email directly to notify them of any issues you are experiencing and copy in Michael Cope at . Alternatively please email Michael if you wish to provide any confidential information.

Maxxia and Remserv novated lease: update

As members may be aware, the NHVR agreed to transition all novated lease arrangements from Maxxia to RemServ following the transfer of TfNSW employees to the NHVR.

Since the transfer, several members have been left disappointed in the transition process.

A main concern was Maxxia’s failure to transfer all required funds to RemServ, resulting in members incurring personal costs and not having sufficient funds for their lease repayments.

Despite the CPSU NSW raising concerns to the NHVR about salary packaging arrangements for staff who use it to lease vehicles prior to the transfer of TfNSW employees, the problem was not prevented.

After several discussions the NHVR confirmed on 17 August 2022 to the CPSU that Maxxia had transferred all outstanding money to RemServ and that the lease agreements can proceed.

Unfortunately, problems persist and Maxxia has failed to make contact with the CPSU NSW to discuss and clarify any outstanding issues.

The NHVR has communicated to employees that any employee who has concerns with Remserv can contact them on 1300 303 940. Two educational sessions were scheduled on salary packaging and novated leasing and were held on 28 and 29 September.

The CPSU NSW recognises the stress this transition is causing members and will seek legal advice should the matter not be resolved.

Any feedback or questions on the information sessions is welcomed.

Any members concerned that their transfer or release of funds have not occurred should contact us to follow up.

Body-worn cameras: Consultation and implementation update

The NHVR wrote to the CPSU NSW voicing its intention to implement body-worn cameras (BWCs) for all new SCOs in NSW. The move is described as a “view towards a nationally consistent approach to regulatory activities” at the NHVR.

The NHVR briefed its managers on 22 August and sent an email regarding BWCs to all staff. The NHVR will be meeting with staff to proceed with consultations and provide opportunities for feedback.

The consultation period under the Roads and Maritime Services Award 2019 has concluded. On 21 September 2022 the NHVR sent the CPSU NSW a copy of the BWC consultation presentation delivered to SCOs during consultation. Correspondence to staff providing feedback to specific questions regarding the proposed policy implementation has been provided. No specific feedback was provided to the CPSU NSW as part of consultation and this is being pursued by the CPSU NSW.

On 10 October 2022 the NHVR sent the CPSU NSW confirmation that consultation has concluded, along with a summary of questions and answers from consultation with the Central Region.

The CPSU NSW encourages any member with concerns to reach out to us and provide feedback about the proposal and any concerns experienced during the consultation process.

Training and CPSU SCO Advisory Group Meeting: 12 – 13 September 2022

A training day covering the transition from the state award to the NHVR enterprise agreement made pursuant to the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FWA) was held in Sydney on 12 September.

Training focused on bargaining under the FWA and strategies in the lead up to the anticipated enterprise bargaining with the NHVR for a replacement Enterprise Agreement in 2024.

Planning and organising is now under way to map out the NHVR with an increased effort on membership recruitment and representation.

The CPSU SCO Advisory Group met in Sydney on 13 September following the FWA training. The entire NSW Delegates Committee was present to sift through each individual issue experienced in the transition from TfNSW, to present to the NHVR at the Quarterly Consultation Meetings.

COI quarterly consultation meetings

Delegate Timothy Smith and Industrial Officers Jessica Moore and Michael Cope attended the NHVR Quarterly Consultation Meeting on 14 September.

Minutes of this meeting have now been circulated to all CPSU NSW members.

Despite earlier indications of a positive relationship with the NHVR, a level of frustration was felt in the NHVR continuing to offer the same excuses for ongoing issues.

CPSU NSW delegates will keep a close eye on how issues progress and continue to be treated by the NHVR.

Consultation meetings: Protocols and standards

At the last COI Quarterly the NHVR distributed draft meeting protocols for feedback prior to the next meeting. Feedback is encouraged prior to the deadline of 28 October 2022.

The main issues to be discussed include reducing the notification time for agenda items to be discussed.

For further details please contact your local delegate or the CPSU NSW team.

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