Monday, 5 September 2022

CPSU NSW takes on LiveBetter over new Contracts of Employment

Update on dispute

The CPSU NSW is continuing to consult with LiveBetter Community Services on behalf of members to outline concerns about some of the conditions contained in the contracts that have been issued to transferred staff. Key points of discussion include:

  1. The Employment Agreement says the Agreement contains “substantially the same and no less favorable terms” than your current terms of employment. The CPSU NSW has written to LiveBetter asking them to retract this statement as the terms under the copied State Awards are more favourable than the terms of the Employment Agreement and the SCHADS Award.
  2. The copied State Awards contain more favorable terms for leave, rostering principles, Monday to Friday on call allowance and more.
  3. Public Holiday pay and Additional Recreation Leave should be paid out at the “red circled” rate of pay, that is, your current rate of pay.
  4. The Employment Agreement cannot come into effect until the expiry of the copied State Awards on 4-6 September 2022.
  5. You cannot be coerced into signing a contract and should be given the opportunity to seek advice and reasonable time to consider the offer
  6. It is your right to seek advice from the CPSU NSW

To read the dispute letter click HERE.

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