Monday, 22 August 2022


As you know, the CPSU NSW has been bargaining with MTC Broadspectrum over the last few months.

After a number of meetings, MTC Broadspectrum tabled the following pay offer: 3.6 per cent in the first year, 2.5 per cent in the second year, 2.5 per cent in the third year, and 2.5 per cent in the fourth year.

All four increases offered are inclusive of superannuation, which means that the actual pay increase is 0.5 per cent less than the actual figures above.

The union rejected this offer after speaking with members on the basis that it was inadequate. CPI this year alone is over 6 per cent. In your line of work, you are faced with many challenges in a highly volatile environment. Being a Correctional Officer means that you constantly work in an unpredictable environment, where anything could happen. The role that you play is so incredible valuable, and this is even more so given that you have been a frontline worker during a global pandemic.

The union also understands that one of the biggest issues for Correctional Officers has been weekend penalties, and we have continued to fight for this at the bargaining table. The union have told MTC Broadspectrum at every meeting that we’ve held that there must be some form of compensation for weekends worked.

MTC Broadspectrum eventually came to the table with a model that encompasses weekends worked and offered an additional $75 per day worked on a Saturday or Sunday. However, the cost of this compensation is a severely reduced annual pay increase: 2.5 per cent in the first year, 1.7 per cent in the second year, 1.7 per cent in the third year, and 1.7 per cent in the fourth year (all including superannuation).

The union believes that, whilst the model is right, the quantum is nowhere near acceptable. We therefore informed MTC Broadspectrum last week that the annual pay increase is insufficient, particularly given that not everybody works weekends. The CPSU NSW advised MTC Broadspectrum that either the weekend rate should be bumped to $100 per Saturday or Sunday worked with a higher pay increase (2.5 per cent per annum excluding superannuation), or that a higher wage increase is offered (4 per cent per annum, including superannuation). MTC Broadspectrum have stated that they will think about this proposal, and report back to the CPSU NSW this coming Friday.

Regardless of the progress we have made, it might the case that MTC Broadspectrum and the union are at an impasse based on the amount of money that is supposedly available for the purpose of funding the pay increase.

The union will update all members on Friday afternoon following the meeting with MTC Broadspectrum. It is important to remember that our strength at the bargaining table lies in our collective solidarity. The more members in a union, the stronger the negotiating position is. If you are not already a member of the CPSU NSW, you can join online here.