Friday, 22 July 2022

Enterprise Bargaining at UTS: An update

The parties are meeting fortnightly to negotiate a Single Agreement covering Professional and Academic Staff at UTS.

A number of recent meetings have focused on Fixed Term staff, covering issues such as the number of positions and conversion to continuing.

The latest meeting focused on Change Management: Change Management Consultation, definitions, redeployment, appeals.

The parties have some way to reach agreement on this these key job security issues. They have continued to commit to meeting fortnightly with meetings currently scheduled up to Tuesday 27 September 2022.

Our next meeting is Tuesday 2 August 2022. We will continue discussing Change Management and may return to discussions on Fixed Term employment (severance). This meeting will continue, time permitting, to cover such topics as, Change Management, Redundancy, Casual Staff, Fixed Term Staff, Professional Staff matters, and Indigenous Matters.

Yours in union,
Thane Pearce, Andreas Dalman, Rosa Bow, Mark Christopher and Greg Hampshire
CPSU NSW UTS EB9 Bargaining Team
Community and Public Sector Union


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