Friday, 1 July 2022

CPSU NSW – University of Wollongong Separate Enterprise Agreements

CPSU NSW Union delegates and UOW management will begin negotiating the next Professional Staff EA in July.

The CPSU NSW is the only union which exclusively represents Professional Staff.  This means we can focus on what Professional Staff need.  CPSU NSW delegates have always represented Professional Staff in all rounds of bargaining, advancing the interests of Professional Staff.  A critical part of advancing those interests has been having a separate Professional Staff agreement.

A separate Professional Staff Agreement has meant:

Self-determination: Only Professional Staff vote on a Professional Staff Agreement thereby endorsing Professional Staff pay and conditions.

NO trade-offs: There is no trading off Professional Staff pay and conditions against Academic Staff pay and conditions.

A faster outcome: Negotiators are focused on Professional Staff needs.  That means negotiations will not be affected by any delay in academic negotiations and vice versa.

Conditions that work for Professional Staff:  No assuming that conditions that work for Academics will work for Professional Staff, or vice versa. The pandemic highlighted the need for and the benefit of having separate agreements in a range of areas including Professional Staff having input into their own SAL options.

Better Outcomes for Professional Staff:  When negotiating a Professional staff agreement only Professional Staff matters are discussed and prioritised. There is no need to negotiate the prioritisation of Professional staff matters.


Your UOW CPSU NSW Branch

The UOW CPSU NSW Branch is made up of your Professional Staff colleagues who work with and understand your local work conditions.  They are ideally placed to advance your interests.  Right now, they’re working on the log of claims, based on ideas and feedback presented by UOW CPSU members.

Stronger, together.

You can email us at if you have any questions.

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