Monday, 23 May 2022

Aruma: Reorganisation of Shared Living Supervisory Structure and the Roster Support Team

On 10 May 2022 Aruma management wrote to the CPSU NSW to notify of the reorganisation of the Shared Living Supervisory Structure and the Roster Support Team.

A special Joint Consultative Committee meeting was held on 18 May 2022 to discuss the proposed plan and timeline for changes.

CPSU NSW Delegates provided feedback to Aruma management about the proposed ‘Manager Shared Living’ Position and the proposals to redeploy staff to this position and other ‘suitable alternate’ positions.

The CPSU NSW has written to Aruma management seeking more information in relation to:

  • seeking Expressions of Interest for voluntary redundancies
  • the terms of the new contracts of employment
  • partial redundancies for affected staff.

The CPSU NSW will continue to consult on behalf of affected members.

Industrial Officer
Sharny Chalmers

Shane Elliott

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