Friday, 13 May 2022

University of Wollongong: May bulletin

As we head into the ninth round of bargaining for a new Professional Staff Agreement, the University of Wollongong Branch of the CPSU NSW – The Professional Staff Union is engaging with colleagues to ensure your interests and voices are heard and reflected in the issues that get discussed at the bargaining table.

Your CPSU NSW UOW Branch has a contingent of delegates from a range of Professional Staff vocations which means we can draw on the skills and knowledge of doing a job on a day-to-day basis . This fact has helped us navigate the challenges of the past two years.

UOW CPSU Branch achievements

The Professional Staff Union fought for during the challenges thrown up over the past year. They include but are not limited to:

  • Negotiating your EA pay rise hold lift early
  • Protected Professional Staff increments during SAL negotiations
  • Protected reclassification during SAL negotiations
  • One-UOW peer connect program
  • Achieved great outcomes for our members during change
  • Worked to improve COVID support
  • Supported unwell members to heal
  • Were front and centre in UOWs COVID responses
  • Supported members in negotiating workplace arrangements

The CPSU NSW also has a very active representative on the WHS Committee.

We are always looking for more delegates to share the load, please consider bringing your own skills, knowledge, and voice to our Branch Executive by volunteering to become a delegate. Email for more information. Being a delegate is a rewarding and fulfilling experience, where your voice and ideas and those of your friends and colleagues can have a great influence.

Bargaining 2022 and Your Voice

When we sit down with UOW to discuss your new Enterprise Agreement we will draw on the challenges and issues faced at and by UOW Professional Staff to seek improvements.

As a democratic union, the CPSU NSW will focus on the feedback we get from members to ensure that local issues are front and centre of our claims.

CPSU NSW survey

Please take the time to fill in the CPSU NSW Survey

We will use the survey and forums we hold to form our Professional Staff Log of Claims.

Your UOW CPSU NSW BranchYour UOW CPSU NSW Delegates are all Professional Staff who know the university. You can email us at if you have any questions.

Looking forward

Our next member forum will be at 12:30pm on Tuesday 1 June 2022. Please look out for the invitation and links to join in the coming days. We will be holding further CPSU NSW member forums with dates to be announced very soon.  If you would like a meeting in/or for your area you can also email to arrange one.

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