Monday, 3 May 2021

The CPSU NSW: The Professional Staff Union

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The CPSU NSW is the union for Professional Staff at the University of Sydney. We are the only union dedicated solely to supporting Professional Staff in NSW universities. We work collaboratively with our members to empower, activate and support our local branches to ensure that your rights and conditions are always protected.

The CPSU NSW is a member-led, democratic union. Membership gives you a real voice and a vote in determining your pay and working conditions. Branch-by-branch, university-by-university. As a member you decide.

Professional Staff are the backbone of higher education. Watch CPSU NSW members HERE express pride in the work they do in supporting our world-class higher education system.

Want to know more about the CPSU NSW?

The CPSU NSW has developed a handbook HERE that explains the benefits of being a member of the only union that is exclusively for Professional Staff.

Know someone who is not a member of the CPSU NSW?

Ask them to join the CPSU NSW HERE.

Follow the CPSU NSW on Facebook HERE.

Stand with us today!

Professional Staff: Worth Every Cent!

University of Sydney CPSU NSW Branch Committee

President Grant Wheeler
Vice President Ivan Coates
Secretary Patrick O’Mara  
Assistant Secretary Al Yap  
Women’s Officer Ruth Livingstone  
Membership Registrar Holly Eades  

Branch Delegates
Norton Roughley
Peter Adams
Virginia Hilyard
Rachelle Down
Lachlan Grant  
Matthew Etherton

Union support

Member Support Centre: 1300 772 679
Industrial Officer Lisa Nelson  
Senior Organiser Anne Kennelly