Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Vote NO to Northcott’s proposed Enterprise Agreement

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Just before Christmas you would have received a copy of Northcott’s proposed Enterprise Agreement. This is an unfair proposal that will see a reduction in pay and conditions for transferred staff.

Read exactly how this will affect you in the bulletin HERE.

You have the opportunity to protect your pay and conditions

You will soon be asked to vote on this Enterprise Agreement.

Northcott will provide you with what is called a formal access period for the proposed agreement. This is required under the Fair Work Act so that all employees have an opportunity to understand what they will be voting on. The formal access period for the proposed Agreement will run from the 20 January 2021 – 27 January 2021 inclusive.

Voting on the proposed agreement will commence on 28 January 2021 and will run until 10 February 2021.

The new proposed agreement will only come into effect if the majority of eligible employees who vote, vote for the agreement, and it is approved by the Fair Work Commission. Therefore, the CPSU NSW is recommending that ALL members vote, and that they Vote NO.

Vote and vote NO

Your pay and conditions will NOT BE AS GOOD as the Copied State Award, if this agreement is made.

For the Enterprise Agreement to be made it requires 50 per cent plus one of staff who vote, to vote yes.

Importantly, if more than 50 per cent of those who vote, Vote NO then the agreement will not be able to be made.

Have your say, make a difference by voting NO.

Who can vote?

Everyone who will be covered by the proposed agreement is eligible to vote but voting is not compulsory.

Who is in charge of the process?

The Australian Electoral Commission is in charge of the voting process. It collects the votes and advises Northcott and the CPSU NSW of the result. Management will not know how you voted. The AEC does not announce who voted or which way individuals have voted.

Your wages and conditions stay the same until a new agreement is made. This happens when the Fair Work Commission approves the application for the agreement.

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