Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Preparing for the change management plan

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As you may all be aware, University of NSW management is planning to release the change proposal plan for the entire university today, 16 September. Many of you have already undergone individual meetings with management in regards to these changes, and the CPSU NSW has been happy to support you through that.

The CPSU NSW understands there will be no names associated with roles in the preliminary change management plan. The only thing provided will be the positions to be disestablished. On Friday further details of the changes will be distributed to affected people and areas.

If you are a member in a disestablished team, or your role is disestablished, you will be receiving that supplementary information. It is essential that as soon as you receive this information, you call the CPSU NSW on 1300 772 679. When you call, please tell the staff member you are calling about the UNSW Restructure. This is essential for you to do, even if you are OK with the changes.

The Member Support Centre will ask you questions about the restructure, and request you to send them any document that you have received. These questions will help the CPSU NSW in writing its submission to UNSW in regards to these changes.

If you are affected, you are also able to write your own submission. The CPSU NSW suggests that you do so, while also advising us on your opinions. The more voices in this conversation, the better.

If you are not directly affected by these changes, but you are concerned about the affect it will have on you (such as in regards to workloads), please feel free to email with your concerns. These will influence our submission to the university as well.

If you are required to attend a meeting, please let the CPSU NSW know as soon as you find out. You can do this by calling the MSC (1300 772 679), or by contacting a delegate on their email below.

If you, or your team are affected by these changes and you are able to organise a team meeting with the union to talk about it, please email with details.

If you know someone who is not a member of the union, it is important now, more than ever for them to join. Even if they are not directly affected by these changes, every professional staff member at the university will be affected one way or another. The CPSU NSW is committed to addressing these issues, and will support them through that if they are members. Have this conversation with them, ask them to join the union. We are only as strong as our members. Go to to join.


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Kirra Jackson CPSU NSW Organiser
Lisa Nelson CPSU NSW Industrial Officer
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