Tuesday, 10 March 2020

We need to hear from you – fill out the CPSU NSW Bushfire Survey

Forestry Survey – March 2020 (PDF version)

This summer Australia faced one of the most catastrophic fire seasons in our nation’s history, and NSW bore a large brunt of it.

The CPSU NSW knows the invaluable service Forestry Corporation of NSW provides in protecting our magnificent forests, unique flora and fauna, and cultural heritage.

Your union has been on the front foot during this fire season, calling out the government for their catastrophic funding decisions and their handling of the crisis.

The NSW Government is concerned that the fires will expose its years of negligence and budget cuts and will therefore be scrambling to limit its exposure to scrutiny.

If there was ever a time to fight for more resources, it is now. 

We Need Your Stories

CPSU NSW will be writing a submission to the NSW Independent Bushfire Inquiry as well as the Royal Commission into the Black Summer Bushfires and we need to hear from you: your stories from the fire grounds; your expert advice on exactly what resources are required to manage the potential severity of future fire seasons.

If you can spare just seven minutes of your time to fill in our simple survey, your input will greatly strengthen your union’s submission to this important inquiry.

This survey is confidential and no individual respondent will be identified. We will be using the submission to help us to lobby for greater resources for FCNSW and hold this government to account.