Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Return to transferred terms and conditions

Casuals – Feb 2020 (PDF version)

Northcott finally returns transferred staff to Copied State Awards

The CPSU NSW informed Northcott on 19 March 2019 of our position that transferred staff were to remain on Copied State Instruments as outlined in the Fair Work Act; the movement of Casual and Temporary staff to the Northcott Enterprise Agreement was a potential breach of the Act.

Discussions were entered into with Northcott, we detailed our position and offered assistance to work through the mistake. In December 2019 we agreed in principal to Northcott’s proposal to progress the matter.

Due to a lack of progress from Northcott, in late January we provided Northcott with 14 days to restore transferred staff to their correct employment conditions and any outstanding pay owed or we would initiate legal action.

Northcott has now, after nearly a year, started the process of correcting the error.

Transferred casuals and temporary staff will be returned to the CLA and other relevant Copied State Instruments and receive any retrospective payments due. This will take place over the coming weeks.

Northcott has chosen to withdraw the option of salary packaging from transferred staff. If you are impacted by this, speak with Northcott to find the best way forward. We will continue to contest this matter.

If you are an affected member, any outstanding back pay must include the differences with shift penalties, overtime, split shifts, weekend penalties, public holidays and any other entitlement you should have received had you remained on the CLA and other Copied State Instruments.

If you believe there has been a miscalculation, contact Northcott to request a review. If there is still doubt, contact the CPSU NSW on 1300 772 679.


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