Thursday, 19 December 2019

Mercer – Have your say on the Enterprise Agreement

CPSU NSW – Mercer Enterprise Agreement – Have Your Say (PDF Version)

Your CPSU NSW bargaining team has been working hard to negotiate your new Enterprise Agreement.

As CPSU NSW members are aware this time around negotiations have been facilitated by the Fair Work Commission under the New Approaches Program using an interest-based bargaining approach.

During this process we held members’ meetings to canvass your views on the range of options that came out of the bargaining sessions and in turn used your input to inform the options and any other possibilities.

Outcomes of bargaining

Your CPSU NSW bargaining team believes that this agreement is a good outcome for members.

For the most part, there will be a rollover of existing conditions, with only minor amendments and the advent of a combined classification structure.

So what is being proposed for this agreement?

  • No Loss of conditions for members including maintaining current entitlements to redundancy and parental leave
  • A 3-year agreement with a 2.25 per cent annual wage increase in April 2020, and a minimum 2.25 per cent increase in April 2021 and 2022 if rated 3 or above
  • $500 sign on payment
  • Enhancements to compassionate leave

 What is new or different in this agreement?

  • The proposed agreement combines the two separate post and pre 2012 classification systems into a single structure, with four levels.
  • The use of performance based pay increases above the 2.25 per cent for high performing staff
  • Annual Leave Loading will be paid as you take your leave
  • The maximum of each level will accrue at the base rate of 1.125 per cent.

What Next – THE VOTE

You have received the link to the vote. Your Union encourages members to have their say in the voting process.

Members will continue to have a say in the implementation, as your Union will be involved in the Post Implementation Committee (PIC) of the Enterprise Agreement. In this forum your CPSU NSW delegates and Industrial staff will meet with Mercer to ensure that members feedback is heard and to oversee the rollout of the agreement.

What can you do?

Give a copy of this bulletin to your colleagues.

Print this bulletin and put it up on your notice board.

Ask a colleague to join the CPSU NSW.

Get involved as your Area Contact.

Non-members can join online at