Thursday, 12 September 2019

CPSU NSW rallies against security outsourcing

CPSU NSW rallies against security outsourcing – Sept 2019 (PDF version)

Security is an important part of TAFE everyday life.

Unfortunately, the TAFE NSW is completely oblivious to this fact as it continues displacing several security staff who have been with TAFE for many years and replacing them with lesser paid and lesser experienced external contractors.

It’s a race to the bottom for TAFE when it comes to security on campus.


The CPSU NSW took up the fight last Monday and held a rally outside the Ultimo campus to protest against outsourcing. See footage of the rally HERE.

Fair Work Commission dispute

Given the complete lack of consultation we have had from TAFE on this issue, the CPSU NSW lodged a formal dispute with the Fair Work Commission as a way of forcing TAFE to the table; firstly, to engage in a meaningful consultation process, but also to make the TAFE executive recognise the inequities they are causing, and ultimately force them to treat workers respectfully and conduct an open merit-based recruitment process to bring all external security officers in-house.

Again, the CPSU NSW has no intention of backing down on the need for TAFE NSW to recognise and apply workers’ rights equally within its organisation.

We will continue to support all security workers throughout the FWC dispute process.

We have now received a Fair Work Commission listing date for 16 September. If you are able, we encourage you attend in person as a show of unity: 9am on 16 September, 80 William Street, East Sydney.

We will further update the membership following this initial conference.

TAFE executive questioned

On Friday just passed CPSU NSW officials asked the TAFE NSW executive one very simple question – do you agree that two people doing the same work in the same organisation should be paid the same with the same conditions?

The TAFE executive’s response: complete silence.