Thursday, 8 August 2019

Forestry Corporation – KPI’s and Salary Progression

Forestry Corporation – KPI’s and Salary Progression – August 2019

On 6 August CPSU NSW and delegates met with Mercer (an independent remuneration specialist who is responsible for the job evaluation design with Forestry) to discuss the matter of salary progression. At this meeting we discussed our previously submitted proposal to Forestry Corporation of NSW (FCNSW), from over a year ago, that to date the CPSU NSW has failed to receive a response.

Mercer have listened to our concerns in regard to transparency, communication and equity in regard to remuneration of staff within levels 4 and 5. Mercer made us aware that FCNSW is looking at applying the same process throughout the organisation.

Mercer are meeting with the AWU and FCSNW later this week and the project timeline is to have a response back to FCNSW management within a short timeframe. We have tentatively set a meeting with FCNSW to discuss this matter further on 13 September 2019.


In the absence of an agreement on salary progression, CPSU NSW are concerned that staff are meeting with management to discuss their KPI’s this month. Prior to agreeing to stretch KPI’s, it is essential to understand that nothing is presently in place to remunerate you for increased performance. This is due to continued lack of progress with the salary progression issue.

If you have any feedback or comment in regards to your KPI meetings or salary progression please contact your local delegate or email

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