Thursday, 9 May 2019

HVDS Workers’ Health and Safety

HVDS Workers’ Health and Safety – May 2019 (PDF version)

HVDS Survey Monkey about WHS work groups…what does it mean?

A number of HVDS workers lodged a written request with HVDS for the election of Health & Safety Representatives (HSRs) to represent all HVDS workers on WHS issues.

HVDS must comply with the workers’ request, so you should have received an email from HVDS with a link to a survey monkey.

The purpose of this survey is for HVDS to negotiate the work groups that the HSRs will represent. HVDS also needs to negotiate with workers on the number of HSRs they have for each work group.

HVDS has proposed a work group structure in Question 1 of the survey.

As workers, we urge you to think about what work groups you would like in your workplace, to best represent you on WHS matters. If you want something different to HVDS’ proposal, let them know in the comments section of Q1.

Some questions in the survey are not necessarily relevant to the HSR process. If you are unsure or uncomfortable answering a question, you may choose the “prefer not to say” option.

If you have any questions, please speak with your Union delegate.

What is a HSR?

  • A HSR is a worker who represents their work group on health & safety matters.
  • A HSR can gather and report information on health and safety issues for their work group.
  • They can work out ways to resolve issues in consultation with HVDS management representatives.
  • A HSR is elected by their work group, not appointed by management.

What is a work group?

A work group usually consists of workers who perform similar types of work and have similar health and safety conditions within the workplace.

Some points to consider when thinking about work groups and HSR numbers to represent you and your work:

  • the type of work you do – Admin/office based/support worker in group home
  • the hazards and risks you face in your role
  • the location and number of workplaces
  • the number of work groups and HSRs