Monday, 25 March 2019

University of New South Wales member update

University of New South Wales member update – March 2019 (PDF version)

My name is Katie and I’m your new Organiser at UNSW for the CPSU NSW. We really want to grow the strength of the union at UNSW and I am here to help us achieve that.

As you all know, being a union member is the best way to protect yourself at work. By being a member of a strong union, you will have a fairer workplace, industrial support when you need it and the ability to negotiate for better Award conditions.

The CPSU NSW has been fighting to change the rules for Professional Staff to ensure your rights and conditions do not get taken away by politicians who don’t value your work. The CPSU NSW will continue to fight to ensure UNSW professional staff have the best conditions possible.

To continue to build a strong union, it is imperative you get involved! By talking to your colleagues about the union and bringing them to meetings it will help us continue to grow. You can start right now by sharing this newsletter!

I will also be on campus if you want to share ideas with me, raise any concerns or bring a non-member along to find out more about the CPSU NSW.

Your UNSW Delegates

There is a team of democratically elected Delegates on campus who volunteer their time to make sure Professional Staff’s voices are heard by the university.

Your Delegates are:

Young Workers Group

Are you 35 years or younger? The PSA/CPSU NSW has set up a Young Workers Group in order to give young members a louder voice. The group is an excellent source of support, advice and networking for young members. It also helps to advise the CPSU NSW on issues that particularly affect young people. We run specific training and host social events.

If you want to get involved, please join our Facebook group HERE.

Know a non-member?

With so many changes happening on campus, it is so important your colleagues join the union. Have a chat to them about the union, ask them if they’re a member, and if they say ‘no’ – ask them to join! The union is only as strong as its members. Not only will you be helping make sure they’re supported and covered, you’re also making sure that we can keep fighting for you.

Go to and JOIN TODAY!

Connect online

Keep up to date with what the PSA is doing online:

Issues at work?

Are you having issues at work? Please reach out to your delegate or call the PSA Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.