Friday, 1 March 2019


HWNS have notified the CPSU NSW that they have sought feedback from the staff in southern NSW who are trialing the use of the finger scanners. The results from the survey have been given to the CPSU.

There were 75 DSWs who responded to the survey out of those 75:

  • 45 used the finger scanner frequently. Only three never used it.
  • 34 experienced technical problems.
  • 16 said they had personal concerns.
  • Out of the 16 who said they had personal concerns, 11 of those were in regards to privacy.
  • 68 said they would continue to use the finger scanner

We want your feedback. You can provide this feedback about your experience with the finger scanners by either; phone on 1300 772 679, or by email at . The feedback should be provided by 6 March 2019.