Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Cerebral Palsy Alliance member update

Cerebral Palsy Alliance member update – February 2019 (PDF version)

Welcome to the first members update for 2019 and the Year of the Pig! I am the new Organiser for Cerebral Palsy Alliance, PSA/CPSU members in northern Sydney.

I wanted to send you an update early in the year to provide you with information and union news. Hopefully I’ll hear from you too!

NSW Election

The biggest event in the coming weeks will be our State election. We are asking our members and the public to think about who will best protect public services and of course who will guarantee a safety net of services for people with disability.

Membership Details

Some membership details may be out of date. If you’ve changed Group Home, moved house or have new contact details please call our Membership Support Centre (MSC) on 1300 772 679 and press 1 to update your details. You can easily log into our members area to change these details or email details to me if that’s easier.

Being financial is important for many reasons. At the time of transfer there may have been hiccups with your payroll deductions or things may have just gotten behind. If you’d like to discuss this with me you can call me on 0437 898 020.

Don’t forget your journey cover to and from work Is included in your membership but you need to be financial

All in this together

The last year has seen enormous change in your sector. New employers, different policies and more uncertainty about how things will be in the future.

Together union members have a stronger voice and more say about what happens at work.

That’s why it’s important for everyone to join the union. If your work mates haven’t joined, have a chat with them about joining. They can call me or they have a look at our website and then join online.

The more members we have the stronger we will be

Union Training

The Training Program is on our website and printed in the latest edition of “Red Tape’. Union training is fun, informative and great for being with other union members. If you’re interested contact me on 0437 898 020 or email

Be a Union Contact

During this period of change we will need contacts in each home to assist with information getting to members as well as information coming from members to us, your industrial staff. You would be able to help with important information and bulletins for members to go on the Union noticeboard.

Having contacts in group homes means we will all be better prepared when changes happens. This is an important role. If you are interested, please contact me on 0437 898 020 or email

Group Home Visits

I am planning to visit Group Homes throughout the year. This will usually be during your Team meeting. If you’d like me to visit for a specific reason send me an email so I can liaise with the Team Leader around the best time. I will need some notice as we no longer have open access to visit sites.

I’m very much looking forward to meeting you.