Wednesday, 16 January 2019

2019 PSA/CPSU NSW Scholarship

2019 PSA CPSU NSW Scholarship – January 2019 (PDF version)

Members are invited to apply for the PSA/CPSU NSW scholarship.

The scholarship is available at any Australian university in any course and is restricted to students entering the first year of a full-time course.

It is restricted to children of members of the PSA or CPSU NSW at the time of application, who have been continuous financial members for the previous five years. Eligible applicants must have sat their Higher School Certificate the previous year.

The scholarship will have a value of $850 per annum and will be awarded in the first instance for one year and re-awarded annually for a maximum period of three years.

A scholar’s tenure shall be subject to a satisfactory report as to his/her progress and conduct.

The Scholarship will be awarded on results obtained in their HSC Examination and Assessment or equivalent and will take into account whether or not the applicant is the holder of a scholarship, traineeship, etc.

Subject to the provisions above, the highest marks and assessment and/or aggregate will be the deciding factor in the award.

Applications close at 5pm on Thursday, 28 February.

Click HERE to download the application form.

If you have any queries please contact Sandra Lockey, Executive Assistant at the PSA on (02) 9220 0982.