Wednesday, 12 September 2018


HWNS – Team Leaders we need your feedback

The CPSU NSW has raised the issue of team leaders in Southern NSW are being told they are to do a certain number of penalty shifts and they are to be on prescribed days. According to HWNS this request is in accordance with clause 3(ii) of the copied state Award which states:

The rates of pay on Part B for the Team Leader One Unit are inclusive of three afternoon, two evening and one weekend penalty shift every
28 day roster period. The Team leader will not be required to work this precise configuration of penalty and weekend shifts in any 28 day period. The actual work requirements will be determined by operational need.

The CPSU NSW is opposed to HWNS interpretation and has entered into discussions about whether team leaders can be forced to work these penalty shifts.

Pending these discussions, the CPSU NSW put forward that the threatened disciplinary action against team leaders be removed. Thankfully, through the representation of the CPSU, HWNS have seen the light on the threat of disciplinary action and has assured the CPSU the CARs and MARs will be told to retract this threat of disciplinary action until the matter is resolved.

We now NEED your INPUT! The CPSU NSW will be meeting with HWNS within the next couple of weeks. We need to know if these shifts are operationally required! If you could email the follow information by COB 18 September 2018 to :

  • Your group home
  • Why you believe these prescribed penalty shifts are not operationally required
  • What you believe is required and how that can be met on your roster.