Tuesday, 17 July 2018

House With No Steps Health and Safety Representatives

House With No Steps Health and Safety Representatives – July 2018 (PDF version)

HWNS has notified the CPSU NSW it wishes to establish a work health and safety (WHS) structure through the election of Health and Safety Representatives (HSR). The CPSU NSW requested consultation regarding this structure.

HWNS provided a draft proposal on 26 June 2018 seeking feedback.

As you may know, a HSR is to represent workers in their work group on WHS issues. This includes the monitoring of health and safety actions by the employer and investigating complaints from workers.

HSR election:

The WHS Act requires the democratic election of the HSR.

  • Once work groups are established and the number of HSRs for each work group is agreed upon, there is a call for nominations for those HSR positions.
  • A worker/s from each work group need to nominate for HSR position/s and then each workgroup votes to elect their HSR/s.

What is a work group and how is it established?

  • A work group is an area/group of workers that the HSR/s will represent.
  • Work groups are determined in consultation with the employer and the workers or worker’s representatives.

The work groups can be determined in a variety of ways such as by position, by geographical area, by department. It is intended to be what works best for the workers.

HWNS has proposed that the work groups are to be based on the geographical region which the MAR covers. This means 1 HSR per MAR.

How will this look:

  • Sydney Metro Region – 3 HSRs
  • Northern NSW Region – 3 HSRs
  • Southern NSW Region – 4 HSRs

We want to ensure that the structure of the HSR workplace group will function for our members. The CPSU is concerned there will not be enough HSRs per region and as such the HSR will not be able to adequately cover the number of worksites or workers.

As we are representing your interests we would like your feedback on this proposal. Please provide this feedback by COB 23 July 2018 either by calling 1300 772 679 or emailing .