Tuesday, 3 April 2018

TAFE Delegates Council – Call for nominations

TAFE Delegates Council – Call for nominations – April 2018 (PDF version)

Nominations are called for positions of delegate on the TAFE Delegates Council.

Each nomination must be seconded by two other members in the same electorate as the nominee. Nominees, nominators and seconders must be financial members of the Association as at
28 March 2018.

The call for nominations is as follows:

25 delegates required:

  • Electorate 1 – South Region (comprising Riverina Institute and Illawarra Institute)
    6 delegates – 2 from Riverina and 4 from Illawarra
  • Electorate 2 – West Region (comprising Western Institute and New England Institute)
    3 delegates – 2 from Western and 1 from New England
  • Electorate 3 – North Region (comprising Hunter Institute and North Coast Institute)
    6 delegates – 4 from Hunter and 2 from North Coast
  • Electorate 4 – Sydney Region (comprising Sydney Institute and Northern Sydney Institute)
    6 delegates – 4 from Sydney and 2 from Northern Sydney
  • Electorate 5 – Western Sydney Region (comprising Western Sydney Institute and South Western Sydney Institute)
    4 delegates – 2 delegates from Western Sydney and 2 from South Western Sydney


Nominations must be submitted via Survey Monkey. The survey link can be found HERE.

Nominations close 30 April 2018. Forms must be completed via Survey Monkey by 10 am on 30 April 2018.

If there is a ballot, candidates who wish to have a profile available for voters to read should provide a brief statement of 300 words or less stating how they will best represent members’ interests.

Space is provided for this purpose on the form available through Survey Monkey.

J Campbell
for G R Bensley
Deputy Returning Officer