Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Disability Safety Net campaign

The PSA/CPSU NSW fought against the complete privatisation of disability services in NSW.  The privatisation is almost complete.

The union firmly believes there should be a public sector safety for circumstances that are not covered by the NDIS in NSW and to assist those people to whom the private sector struggles to provide services. We also believe the NSW Government should continue to support disability advocacy, research and training into best practice for the provision of services to people with disability.

To that end we are organising a campaign to talk to people with disability, advocates, parents, workers, health care professionals, and academics to determine what a safety should look like.

We ran a forum in Newcastle in November 2017 and will be running more to listen to interested stakeholders to help develop a plan for a NSW safety net.  We will then approach all political parties to ask them to sign up to this safety net.

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