Wednesday, 6 September 2017

TAFE – Group 4 restructure dispute and resolution

TAFE Group 4 restructure dispute and resolution – Sept 2017 (PDF version)

Your union and TAFE delegates met on Friday 1 September 2017. During the course of discussion, it was decided to put in a dispute to TAFE based around concerns of the information provided during the consultation period for the Group 4 Restructure.

Dispute around the uncertainty of information

Your delegates raised the concerns around the way information was distributed as well as the lack of clarity around the proposed structure and the process of placement.

While TAFE provided a large amount of information at the beginning of the consultation period, many details were not clear and the feedback from the delegates was that members felt unsure, anxious and wanted their concerns heard.

Following the meeting of your delegates, the CPSU NSW lodged a dispute regarding Group 4 restructure under your TAFE Commission of NSW Administrative, Support and Related Employees Enterprise Agreement 2016.

Your CPSU NSW met with TAFE on Tuesday 5 September 2017 to resolve the dispute. During this meeting, we outlined the concerns raised by your delegates and after discussion with TAFE, came to a resolution.

TAFE have agreed to provide, to the affected employees, further clarity of;

  • the process of placement and options for employees working in Higher Duty Positions
  • the process of placement and options for employees who map to more than one position
  • the meaning and effect of “various” in the location of positions
  • where to find the FAQ section on the TAFE intranet.

It was agreed this information shall be delivered in a direct and independent method and include the contact for the CPSU NSW to allow for further feedback by Friday 8 September 2017.

The CPSU NSW continues to compose our submissions on the proposed restructure and the impact it will have on our members.

The union has until this Friday 8 September to compile and write its submissions. If you have any concerns, please forward them to us at .

The CPSU NSW will be advocating for members only, so staff who are affected and not yet members will need to JOIN the CPSU NSW today. If you know anyone in this position, please talk with them about joining now.

Share this update with your colleagues; ask your colleagues to JOIN the CPSU NSW; remind your colleagues that they can also save money if they JOIN the CPSU NSW through the union’s Value Added Services.

It is important you continue to have a say and your voice is heard. You can support the work of the union and your local delegates by joining the CPSU.

Please forward this to your colleagues so that they know their rights, and encourage them to JOIN THE CPSU

Please note, CPSU NSW members are also members of the Public Service Association of NSW. The PSA is the Associated Body for, and resources and manages, the CPSU NSW