Friday, 17 March 2017

Transgrid Bargaining member update

Transgrid bargaining member update – March 2017 (PDF version)

TransGrid bargaining – sign up to the PSA (CPSU) and have your say!

The PSA (CPSU), together with other unions, has been attending regular bargaining meetings with TransGrid since August 2016 to negotiate the terms and conditions of employment of the next enterprise agreement.

Numerous contentious industrial issues have been discussed at these meetings. The PSA (CPSU) has been sending detailed email updates on the progress of bargaining and engaging with members on their views and what action they wish to see taken by the union and the members.

Join the union to have your voice heard

If you are a white-collar worker (such as a professional officer) and not yet a member of a union, you can join the by going to the following link HERE.

Once you have joined, please email the Industrial Officer, Vera Babicheva to get onto the members’ email distribution list, on the following email address: .

Please note that if you wish to provide your views anonymously we can facilitate this.

The PSA (CPSU) is also conducting workplace visits to consult on the agreement. If you wish to have an Organiser visit your workplace, please get in touch with the PSA (CPSU) Organiser – Ian Braithwaite on .

We look forward to hearing your views and advocating on your behalf.