Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Forestry NSW Bargaining

Forestry NSW Bargaining – January 2017 (PDF version)


DO NOT SIGN an individual contract offered to you by management

As bargaining for a new Enterprise Agreement begins, management will contact you to discuss offering you an individual contract.

Here are some reasons why you should NOT sign an individual contract:

  • The contracts that will be offered to you will not be covered under the Fair Work Act, and to enforce the contract you will need to go to the Supreme Court of NSW where filing fees and legal fees will be astronomical.
  • At this stage, management has not revealed the conditions on offer.
  • In case of a dispute with management, you will be better off with the protection and support of your union.
  • Do not bow to management’s strategy to weaken union power.

If you are provided a copy of an individual contract, please contact your union.

Thank you to all our members who have endorsed our Log of Claims. You can find an updated version here.

Management’s Log of Claims

At present management proposes to:

  • Weaken coverage of the Enterprise Agreement
  • Abolish the Joint Consultative Committee which provides an important forum to consult with unions on workplace changes.
  • Replace “office” and “field” classifications – with no detail on what this means.
  • Remove supposedly “outdated” allowances such as Additional Leave for Western Division, Remote Area Allowance, First Aid Allowance and Laundry Allowance.
  • “Simplify” and “improve” fire-fighting conditions.

Bargaining will continue with management in coming weeks and we will continue to keep our members informed.

Feel free to contact your CPSU Bargaining team:

Julian Armstrong

Stephen Campbell

Railee White

Nigel Fuller

Dimitrios Katelas

Rob Kirwood

Cassie Giudice (CPSU official)

Lisa Nelson, Senior Organiser (CPSU Official)

It is important that Forestry Corporation employees are part of the CPSU to ensure that we can get the best outcome for our members. Please ask your colleagues to JOIN the CPSU/PSA online HERE.