Monday, 23 January 2017

Forestry NSW CPSU members bulletin

Forestry NSW CPSU members bulletin – January 2017 (PDF version)

Thank you for your participation in last year’s survey, which helped us put together the log of claims below. Bargaining will start on
30 January 2017 and this is what the CPSU will be asking for. Your union will strongly resist all attempts by management to erode conditions or broaden the use of contracts at Forestry Corporation NSW.

For your information, the PSA represents workers covered under state awards/agreements and the CPSU represents workers covered under Federal awards/agreements. PSA members are also CPSU members, so in this matter you are represented by the CPSU.

The draft Log of Claims below is for members to please endorse.

Members are asked to click HERE to endorse the Log of Claims:

Your CPSU Delegates and Bargaining Team recommends members Endorse the Log of Claims.


The CPSU makes the following claims for our members employed by Forestry Corporation of NSW.

That the Enterprise Agreement include:

1. Forestry Salary Levels 1-6;

2. 7.5 per cent wage increase over three years from 1 July;

3. Bargaining to begin six months prior to expiry of EA, and salary increases until finalised;

4. Provisions for employees who are grandfathered at 35-hour weeks can elect to move to the standard 38-hour working week with the requisite increase in weekly salary;

5. A salary progression clause based on a transparent and equitable process based on employee performance;

6. Actual Redundancy payment rates expressly set out;

7. An automatic bonus of three per cent if performance is satisfactory or better in PDS review when FCNSW meets or exceeds annual budgeted profit;

8. Provisions that allow annual leave to be taken in advance at the employees request

9. Flexible working hours provisions that:

a) Allow office based staff to take up to six full days or 12 half days of flex leave in a 12-week settlement period; and

b) When flex leave not taken in a settlement period an equivalent of three full days may be carried over;

10. That all new applications for Individual Flexibility Arrangements (IFA) are tabled at the next Joint Consultative Committee meeting to ensure consistency;

11. A sign-on bonus of $1500 per employee once the new EA is approved;

12. Amendments to clause 52.3 so Time in Lieu (TIL) can be taken in a minimum of one-hour units;

13. That when taking Leave Without Pay (LWOP), staff may elect to retain some or all of their annual leave up to a maximum of 20 days;

14. A requirement that for all new or backfilled promotional appointments to be filled by merit selection;

15. Agreed improved consultation requirements for changes to employees grades, positions and work environment;

16. Additional employer contributions to superannuation (currently 9.5 per cent), an additional 0.25 per cent annually, increasing to 0.5 per cent in 2024 – 2025;

17. Paid Domestic Violence Leave (Clause 31.1) in line with current ACTU campaign;

18. Provisions allow for travel outside the bandwidth hours to contribute towards accumulated work time;

19. A provision that allows Central/Western Division employees to elect to annually cash out their additional five days’ annual leave.

Your union will keep you informed as bargaining progresses.

Feel free to contact your CPSU Bargaining team:

Julian Armstrong

Stephen Campbell

Railee White

Nigel Fuller

Dimitrios Katelas

Rob Kirwood

Cassie Giudice (CPSU official)

It is important Forestry Corporation employees are part of the CPSU to ensure that we can get the best outcome for our members. Please ask your colleagues to JOIN the CPSU/PSA online HERE.