TAFE member update

TAFE member update – November 2016 (PDF version)

Information sessions on new Employment Conditions and Classifications

The TAFE NSW Enterprise Agreement was approved by PSA (CPSU) members earlier in June this year. While the Agreement was approved, the majority of the new conditions and classifications won’t commence until January 2017. This is to ensure the TAFE systems are ready for issues such as the new conditions, classifications and allowances and to ensure PSA (CPSU) members understand the changes that are coming.

The PSA (CPSU) believed we had obtained an agreement with TAFE NSW that the union would be consulted prior to publishing information sheets and holding information sessions with staff. This would ensure both TAFE NSW and the PSA (CPSU) had a common understanding of how the new conditions would be applied and therefore reduce the potential for disputes into the future. However, in contrast to this agreement, TAFE management released the information sheets without notice or consultation with your union.

Now that the information sessions are being held and information sheets have been released, the PSA (CPSU) has identified some areas we don’t agree with and has written to TAFE NSW seeking to urgently address these. There is also some key information for various sections of the union’s membership that has not been properly explained, including overtime and hours of work.

Copies of the Presentation and Fact Sheets for Flexible Working Hours Agreement, Part Year Employment, TAFE Workers doing rostered hours or shift work, and the Transition to the new Classification System can be found HERE.


The majority of TAFE NSW employees working under the Administrative, Support and Related Enterprise Agreement will translate across to the Classification System on 9 January 2017.

You can check how you will translate across by reviewing the spreadsheet HERE.

If you do not agree with how your position translates you can request that this be reviewed. You have from now until 9 March 2017 to make this request.

The majority of positions are classified against the new TAFE Workers Classification Descriptions. You can find a copy of the TAFE Worker Classification Descriptions HERE.

Members are encouraged to have a look and see how their position is described. Contact your local People and Culture person in the first instance if you have any questions.

You can find a copy of the letter to TAFE NSW  raising the concerns the union has regarding the information packs and Fact Sheets HERE.

The PSA (CPSU) will be updating members on specific topics such as overtime over the next few weeks, so please keep an eye out for these.

Wages under the new Classification Structure

Throughout bargaining, TAFE NSW was adamant it would not maintain the salary of anyone negatively affected by reclassification until after PSA (CPSU) members took industrial action. In fact, TAFE’s original proposal, which the PSA (CPSU) urged members to VOTE NO to had a Clerk ¾ transfer over to a salary of between $57,613 to $64,490 with NO salary maintenance. This would result in an immediate and real wages cut of between $5,500 and $12,000.

It was only after members took industrial action that they won a huge increase as compared to what TAFE management wanted to implement and had originally asked staff to approve by ballot. If not for the PSA (CPSU), and our dedicated members, all staff would be supremely worse off.

Your questions answered

The PSA (CPSU) have held a number of “Know Your Agreement” members’ meetings across the state so that members can ask questions about their new Agreement. In addition, the PSA (CPSU) is organising a “Live Chat” so that members across the state who have not had a chance to interact with the PSA (CPSU) may ask any questions they may have. The Live Chat will be held on Tuesday 29 November 2016; further details will be provided shortly.

Keep your delegates informed

All members are encouraged to lodge questions and comments with the People and Culture teams from TAFE NSW. This will enable TAFE NSW to respond quickly.

You are also encouraged to copy (c.c. or b.c.c.) your local PSA (CPSU) delegates as well so we can collate and know what members’ questions are and make sure TAFE NSW answers all your queries.

Some of your local delegates are: