Stop the Secret Sell Off Protest

Stop the Secret Sell Off Protest – 28 September 2016 (PDF Version)

On Wednesday, 21 September, over 400 members and supporters gathered outside Parliament House in Macquarie Street to protest the Secret Sell Off of public services by the Baird Government.

In addition to speakers from Sport and Recreation, ADHC and LPI, the protest included a mock auction of TAFE, Sport and Recreation Centres, LPI, ADHC, and gaols by our Auctioneer “Moneybags Mike”. You can view media of the protest HERE.

The protest successfully highlighted to the community Mike Baird’s relentless privatisation agenda.  Constant pressure from the PSA and other unions, including our current Stop the Secret Sell Off media campaign, is also delivering results. The shine is finally coming off Mike Baird, and the public is beginning to form a realistic view of the Government’s ill-planned and risky attack on public services.

With the Government looking vulnerable, now is the perfect time to further expose Baird’s Secret Sell off of TAFE and use the leverage to fight for:

  • Dismantling the failed Smart and Skilled privatisation of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.
  • Restoration of TAFE funding and ensuring that private providers are held to the same standards and reporting required of TAFE
  • Retention of TAFE campuses especially in rural areas as selling them off will not provide quality education.

Members will be aware that many of the current issues in TAFE are directly linked to the Smart and Skilled reforms and the resulting Secret Sell Off of TAFE.  Your union will continue to represent your interests at the workplace level by advocating for the workplace rights of TAFE support staff by representing:

  • Your interests in the implementation of new agreement.
  • You in the conversion of temporary staff to ongoing (permanent).
  • Your interests in the upcoming One TAFE transition.

What now

The PSA is urging all members to now get online and sign the Secret Sell Off petition. This petition calls on the NSW Government to:

protect our valuable public services from privatisation; and

introduce “follow the money” laws for financial scrutiny and accountability.

You can sign this petition HERE

For more information visit: