TAFE NSW Member update

TAFE NSW Member update – September 2016 (PDF version)

Recreation leave conversion

The transition from 38 hours a week to 35 hours a week is due to commence in January 2017. While the weekly hours will be reduced, your weekly salary will be the same – or will increase in accordance with the new classification system.

In line with the reduction in your working hours from 38 to 35 per week, TAFE will also need to convert your accrued recreation leave.

This conversion process will not disadvantage you.

For example, for someone earning $700 a week, one week’s recreation leave is 38 hours of accrued leave, valued at $700.  When the move is made to a 35 hour week, your hourly rate will go up. The 38 hours of recreation leave will be converted to 35 hours of recreation leave. The 35 hours of accrued leave will still be worth $700.

This means your take-home pay for 35 hours of recreation leave will equal the take home pay for 38 hours of recreation leave.

The PSA/CPSU will continue to update members on the implementation of the enterprise agreement and how the changes will impact you.

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