Aboriginal Land Council Enterprise Bargaining

Aboriginal Land Council – bulletin – Enterprise Bargaining – 24 March 2016 (PDF version)

Your current Enterprise Agreement expires on 30 June.

Management has requested to meet with your PSA (CPSU) bargaining reps on 30 March to begin negotiations for a new Agreement.

Following this initial meeting we will have a few weeks to draft a log of claims, before bargaining begins in earnest in April.

If you are a member of the PSA you are automatically represented by the unione during enterprise bargaining.

The PSA bargaining representatives will be Diane Lee (delegate) and Jen Mitchell (PSA industrial advocate).

We are also seeking a second delegate. If you are interested, let us know at .

We need your input to draft the log of claims – what changes or improvements would you like to see included in the new Enterprise Agreement? You can find a copy of the current Agreement HERE.

Organiser Marianne Ledic and Jen Mitchell were on site for a Member Meeting on 23 March. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend. We will be holding another meeting in the coming weeks to collect more of your feedback.

In the meantime, the most important thing you can do is to ensure everyone in your workplace has a voice.

Joining your union is the best way to have your voice heard at the bargaining table.

If you are already a member, increase the strength of the union by asking your colleagues to join.

Not a member? Join your union today to fight for improvements to your workplace and working environment.

Diane Lee (Delegate)
Jen Mitchell (PSA Industrial Advocate)
Marianne Ledic (PSA Organiser)