PSA (CPSU) members speak – Vote No!

PSA (CPSU) members speak – Vote No August 2015 (PDF version)

The PSA (CPSU) has been inundated with members who have told us not to accept TAFENSW’s current proposals to slash working conditions in exchange for a pay rise that other NSW public sector workers received without requiring cuts to their conditions.

TAFE’s claims

  • The slashed conditions will affect new staff only.

FALSE – TAFENSW are proposing that staff transition to the new conditions via “business reviews”. There is nothing to stop TAFENSW from announcing yet another restructure once the Agreement has been approved requiring all staff to move over to the drastically reduced conditions. Do you trust TAFE to keep you on your current conditions? VOTE NO!

  • TAFE have claimed that they will not commence any placement into the new structure until at least 1 January 2016.

FALSE – TAFENSW have not included this claim anywhere within the draft Agreement. In fact, their draft agreement states that implementation shall be achieved by “business reviews using current engagement and consultation processes”. Do you trust TAFE not to slash your conditions as soon as they can? VOTE NO!

  • Broken shifts will only apply via mutual agreement

FALSE – Nowhere in TAFENSW’s draft agreement does it mention what constitutes mutual agreement. TAFENSW have even confirmed that new positions or positions subject to a “business review” may have broken shifts as a requirement. Do you trust TAFE not to force staff to accept positions that include broken shifts?   VOTE NO!

  • The new conditions will not apply to staff currently employed on a temporary basis

FALSE – Whilst TAFENSW have stated that if a role remains unchanged, the temporary contract may be offered under existing conditions, TAFENSW have also admitted that once a need for further temporary employment is identified, this would be considered a new position and would be reviewed and graded against the new classification structure. Do you trust TAFE to re-employ temporary staff under existing conditions, or slashed conditions? VOTE NO!

  • TAFE can’t force me to take a lower salary?

FALSE – By transitioning across to a new classification structure via business review, employees “choice” will be limited to accepting a downgraded job and associated salary, or ceasing to work for TAFENSW. Do you trust TAFE not to downgrade your position? VOTE NO!

  • TAFENSW’s draft agreement is the result of 18 months of consultation with the unions

FALSE – TAFENSW and the unions have been bargaining for just 10 weeks. TAFENSW have not yet considered the PSA (CPSU) Log of Claims. Do you trust TAFE’s claim they have listened to feedback from their employees and their unions, when they haven’t even considered the PSA (CPSU) Log of Claims as yet? VOTE NO!

PSA (CPSU) Log of Claims

The PSA (CPSU) Log of Claims is available HERE

The Log of Claims has been developed through consultation with members through the form of Listenings, and has been endorsed by both the TAFE Delegates Council and your PSA (CPSU) Bargaining team. The Log of Claims contains a number of improvements and protections our members have been telling us they wanted. As stated above, TAFENSW has not yet considered this Log of Claims, and has released a draft agreement without any discussion surrounding the claims.

2.5% payrise

TAFENSW have declared that if staff do not accept the draft agreement containing slashed conditions they will not back date any pay rise to the 1st July. You will however receive a pay rise when a fair and reasonable Enterprise Agreement has been approved by staff.

How does a 2.5% pay rise affect me?

On a wage of $70,000:

  • the current hourly rate is approximately $38.46
  • an extra 1.25 hours per week is equal to $48.07
  • a 2.5% pay rise equates to $33.65 per week.
  • TAFE are asking you to accept conditions that provide them with $48.07 of productivity for $33.65, in effect a pay cut.

What happens if staff Vote No?

All your existing conditions stay in place, and TAFE will be forced back to the negotiating table.

In order for the PSA to continue to strongly defend your conditions of employment, it is vital you encourage your colleagues who may not yet be a member of the PSA(CPSU) to join.

Not a member? Join the PSA (CPSU) today to fight for improvements instead of slashed wages and conditions at

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