TAFE Bulletin – Enterprise Bargaining Update – VOTE NO

TAFE Bulletin – Enterprise Bargaining Update VOTE NO – 14 August 2015 (PDF version)

Your bargaining team met with TAFENSW management on 12-13 August to progress negotiations for your next enterprise agreement.

During this meeting TAFE confirmed its intention to put its version of a draft agreement out to ballot, regardless of whether agreement has been reached or not.

So far negotiations have only been concerned with TAFE’s proposed slashing of your working conditions. TAFENSW has not considered the PSA (CPSU) log of claims.

The PSA (CPSU) has again asked TAFENSW to pay all TAFE staff the same pay increase that has been paid to all other NSW public sector workers, who have received a 2.5 percent a year rise without requiring cuts in conditions.

TAFE have rejected this.

The organisation will only pay you 2.5 percent if you agree to:

  • massive cuts in your conditions
  • potential cuts in your salary of $3,000-$15,000 if you want to keep your job
  • force staff on to an untested, untried classification system that could see jobs downgraded and staff lose salary or lose their jobs.

The PSA (CPSU) has been conducting members’ meetings across the state and continues to do so. At every meeting so far, the following resolution has been passed unanimously:

“This meeting of TAFE PSA/CPSU members reject TAFE’s current proposals to slash working conditions, in return for a retrospective pay rise of up to 2.5%. This meeting of members considers the protection of current working conditions as a priority in the Enterprise Bargaining negotiations.”

TAFENSW has refused to withdraw or substantively amend its proposal (details available here) and has confirmed it will release the draft agreement for ballot without any agreement with the union bargaining team. As such, the PSA (CPSU) is now advising all staff to VOTE NO to any agreement that TAFE puts out to vote without the endorsement of the union.

Colleagues – this is a union call to action!

ALL STAFF MUST VOTE NO to an inferior agreement that will lead to workers being worse off!
We NEED YOU to help raise awareness of the cuts TAFE management wants to force upon staff and how bad this is for you and so many of your colleagues.

  • CONTACT your local delegates to register your willingness to help out
  • PRINT this off and share it with everyone you work with
  • DISCUSS with colleagues the outrageous slashing of conditions for the lowest paid workers, whilst protecting the highest paid managers from the same cuts
  • WATCH for more info over the coming weeks, and JOIN the PSA(CPSU) in fighting these disgusting attacks on your jobs, wages & conditions
  • And most importantly, VOTE NO to this unfair and outrageous attack to your working conditions.

In order for the PSA to continue to strongly defend your conditions of employment, it is vital you encourage your colleagues who may not yet be a member of the PSA (CPSU) to join.

Not a member? Join the PSA (CPSU) today to fight for improvements instead of slashed wages and conditions at www.psa.asn.au

Your bargaining representatives

PSA (CPSU) delegates
Leon Parissi
Margaret Bamford
Christopher Hobbins
Glenda Pryor
Andrew Ruddell
Brad Cowie
Brook Down
Gary Hodgkinson

PSA (CPSU) Staff
Phoebe Dangerfield
Blake Stephens

Contact:                www.ourtafe.org           www.psa.asn.au