NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into TAFE – Get involved

NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into TAFE – get involved July 2015 (PDF version)

The PSA is gearing up to ensure members’ voices are heard at the upcoming Parliamentary Inquiry into Vocational Education and Training in NSW.

The PSA will provide a detailed submission to the Inquiry.

Members are encouraged to contribute to that submission.

Please register your interest or provide comment here


Written submissions

The PSA also encourages members, their friends and family to make their own submissions to the Inquiry.

All submissions are subject to Parliamentary privilege, granting protection against civil or criminal liability for statements made, so, if you wish, your submission can be anonymous.

Details of how you can make your own submission to the Inquiry can be found here

Submissions close on Friday 14 August 2015.

Submissions should address the Terms of Reference but the committee are especially interested in hearing your personal experiences of TAFE and vocational training.

Tell the Inquiry about your positive experience of TAFE or perhaps a negative experience with a private provider.

Public hearings

As well as written submissions, the Parliamentary Committee will also be holding public hearings in Sydney and some regional locations.

The PSA will be pushing for the committee to hold hearings across as many locations as possible, especially in rural and regional NSW.

You can assist the PSA in this regard by calling for public hearings in a number of locations in your written submission.